Sławomir Live
09 Aug 2018
2018 SUMMER EVENT The vocalist is the creator of music hits that all Poland sings, such as" "Love in Zakopane" ". On August 9, 20:00, he will perform in the Gerlach Hall of Nosalowy Dwór Resort & SPA Zakopane! It will be his first ever show in the town. Tickets at the price of PLN 70 (children under 12 - free admission with an adult guardian) Sławomir Paweł Zapała, a.k.a. SŁAWOMIR: Polish actor, musician, showman and TV presenter. He has begun his music career in New York, where he has gained recognition among the local Polish community. In 2015, he became a ROCK POLO artist, he released his debut single Megiera on his YouTube channel. In the autumn of 2016, he took part in "The Dancing with the Stars" show. A year later, he took part in Your Face Sounds Familiar TV show. On April 7, his debut album "The Greatest Hits" was released, which gained the platinum status. CONCERT TICKETS:, and kupibilecik and ticketmaster MORE INFORMATION: Opening hours EVENT RULES The organizer of the event called "The first concert of Sławomir in Zakopane" on 09/08/2018 is Nosalowy Dwór Sp. z o. o. The event takes place in the Gerlach Hotel Residence II Nosalowy Dwór at ul. Oswalda Balzer Street 21, 34-500 Zakopane. The Participant of the Event may be a person with a valid admission ticket to the "First concert of Sławomir in Zakopane" on 09/08/2018. Admission to the area of ​​the Event is possible only upon presentation of a valid admission ticket, which is payable. Participation in the event is equal to a confirmation of one's familiarity, understanding and commitment to comply with the Regulations. Admission to the area of ​​the Event is not granted to persons: persons to whom a decision has been issued: - prohibiting access to a mass event, in the event of punishing for offenses referred to in Art. 22 of the Act of March 20, 2009 on the safety of mass events. - committing to abstain from being in places of mass events, issued by a court against a convicted person in relation to conditional suspension of the execution of a prison sentence or to a minor pursuant to art. 6 points 2 of the Act of October 26, 1982 on proceedings in juvenile cases; The Event's organizer may refuse access to the Event and the participation of persons: under the visible influence of alcohol, intoxicants, psychotropic substances or other similar agents, possessing weapons or other objects, materials, products, beverages, agents or substances, behaving aggressively, provocatively or otherwise posing a threat to the safety or order of the event, wearing shoes with metal ends, whose external appearance makes it impossible to identify, possessing other dangerous objects. The organizer ensures the safety of the persons present at the Event and the order during the Event, through, among others, security and information services, the appointment of a security manager, managing the security services and organizing the work of security services, providing medical assistance, sanitary and hygienic facilities. Participants of the Event and all other persons on the premises of the Event are obliged to follow the orders of the security services, including the safety manager. Refusal to comply with the instructions may only result from their incompatibility with generally applicable law. Minors participate in the Event under the sole responsibility of the persons who are in charge of them. Participants of the Event and all other persons on the premises of the Event are obliged to behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety of other people present at the Event, and in particular, to comply with the Regulations. It is forbidden to destroy property located on and adjacent to the premise of ​​the Event, signs and information boards, advertising media, devices and equipment located on the premises of the Event. Participants are required to use sanitary facilities only for their intended purpose. It is forbidden to bring or possess during the Event: weapons or other dangerous objects, explosives, pyrotechnic articles, fire-hazardous materials, beverages, alcoholic beverages, intoxicants or psychotropic substances, food products. In addition, it is forbidden to enter dogs and other animals to the area of ​​the Event and to conduct any commercial or other gainful activity on the premises of the Organizer without the Organizer's authorization. The organizer, in the scope specified in the Act of March 20, 2009 on the safety of mass events and executive regulations, is entitled to record the course of the Event, in particular, the behavior of persons, by means of image and sound recording devices. Materials collected during the recording of the course of the event, which may provide evidence to initiate criminal proceedings, or proceedings in cases of misdemeanors or evidence relevant to ongoing such proceedings, the Organizer will immediately pass to the district prosecutor competent for the area of ​​the event or the Police. The security staff, having an identifier placed in a visible place, are entitled in accordance with the provisions of the Act to: check eligibility to stay at the event, identify persons to determine their identity, view the contents of luggage, clothing of persons, if they suspect that they bring or have items, declare a person's entitlement to be at the event, and in the case of lack of such entitlements - call them to leave the event, issue order to people who disrupt public order or behave contrary to the rules of the mass event, and in the event of failure to do so - call them to leave the Event, the use of physical force in the form of incapacitating holds and similar defense techniques in the event of threats to the property entrusted to the protection or repulsion of an attack on a member of security services or another person, under the terms of the Act of March 20, 2009 on the safety of mass events, to capture, in order to promptly hand over the Police, persons posing a direct threat to human life or health, as well as the protected property. The security services are obliged to remove from the area of ​​the Event persons who, by their behavior, disturb public order or behave contrary to the Regulations. The members of the security services, depending on the potential risks and needs, may be equipped with: manual metal detectors, other necessary and legally permitted personal protective equipment. The event equipment includes sound and lighting equipment. The organizer divides the areas of the event: technical and social facilities, audience, organizational facilities, permanent protection points by security services. The organizer ensures fire safety. During the Event, the Organizer and Participants of the event, as well as other people staying on the premises of the Event, undertake to abide by the provisions of the Act on the upbringing in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism. The evaluation of objects as dangerous falls within the security service.
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