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It's time to be fit!

Discover the energy that will be released through the ultimate fitness classes prepared by our best trainers! Basia, Alicja and Kasia will prepare an individual training for you, tailored to your expectations and potential.

Fitness classes





This training is for everyone who would like to work in his or her condition, efficiency and lose weight. During one session you’ll work on every part of the body. After workout you’ll improve your condition, you’ll feel better. When participating regularly you’ll lose some kilos and get slim.
Come and work hard with Alicja Haber.


It’s a perfect solution for those who want to work on their 6-pack or wasp waist. Quite an intense workout not only for everybody! It contains “the cardio” part helping with losing a lot of calories and exercises for belly and back.
Come and work on your 6-pack with Barbara Markiewicz-Marko.


Workout for those who want to improve their mobility, training efficiency or just feel better. Often people undervalue this kind of training but in fact stretching is necessary to keep your figure well balanced, get rid of contractures after training or your work.
This training is good for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.
Come, stretch and relax with Katarzyna Adamiec.

500 KCAL

You want to burn a lot of calories and work on your fit and healthy body? This workout will help you to achieve the goal and produce a lot of endorphins that will make you feel happy. Thanks to interlacing elements of cardio with elements of strength training  using different gear (steps, dummbells and barbells) you’ll never get bored!
Come and be fit with Barbara Markiewicz-Marko.

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