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Family holiday in Nosalowy Dwór with Tourist Voucher
Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa Hotel has joined the Polish Tourist Voucher 500+ program. The voucher can be redeemed by paying for a stay which a child participates in. The voucher can be used to pay for the family's stay, even if the children stayed at the hotel free of charge as part of the offer. The voucher is a form of non-cash settlement.

To effectively use the voucher, you must:

Register with PUE ZUS platform (have an individual account) and activate the Polish Tourist Voucher.  The guest will receive an e-mail and SMS with 16-digit code, which will be used by the receptionist to settle your stay with a voucher. 
The hotel will only charge a voucher for reservations made directly at the hotel (by phone or email).
At check-in, the receptionist will ask for a 16 digit code and then use it to block a certain amount of funds for the stay on ZUS platform. This will require authentication, so you will receive an SMS and an e-mail with a PIN code that we need to complete the funds blocking on your account for the reservation made with us. In this process, it is necessary that you have access to the phone or e-mail box that you have indicated in the PUE ZUS platform. 
The remainder of the booking fee will be paid by credit card or cash upon check-in. Due to the fact that according to the rules the stay is implemented for the benefit of the child can not be a business stay at the same time, therefore, for the rest of the payment the receptionist will not issue an invoice to the company.

Detailed information can be found on ZUS website.


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